(P/S) Replacing failed Raid Drive


A drive has failed in my raid 1 configuration, and I need to replace it with a new drive.


Use mdadm to fail the drives partition(s) and remove it from the RAID array.

Physically add the new drive to the system and remove the old drive.

Create the same partitioning tables on the new drive that existed on the old drive. Read more »

(P/S) Linux Pipes – Event triggers action



You want to listen on a pipe and perform commands, based on the text sent to the pipe.
This could be useful for triggering action based on events;
Running code as different users – i.e. allow root or a functional user to run something – just need to allow access to group of users, via permission to write to the pipe.
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PHP Code: Cookie based login form and get last login time

In this example you will learn how to get last login time from Cookie based login using PHP.
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Moving and Renaming Directories and Files in CentOS/Linux

In Linux the command to move and rename is the same! command to rename and move directories and files

mv – move (rename) files

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GNU/Linux Advanced Administration Free PDF eBook Download

w free01 160 GNU/Linux Advanced Administration Free PDF eBook Download

The Free Technology Academy (FTA) has released excellent book called “The GNU/Linux operating system”, the main contents are related with system administration.

You will learn how to install and configure several computer services, and how to optimize and synchronize the resources using GNU/Linux.

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Auto Optimize Your MySQL Tables Script

In my quest to make our clients MySQL driven e-commerce websites running fast, I’ve pieced together a script and cron job that will save you some support calls down the road.
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How to Configure Passwords to Secure your Cisco Router on Different Mode

cisco2801 150x150 How to Configure Passwords to Secure your Cisco Router on Different ModeConfigure passwords to secure on Cisco router is pretty simple. In this article, I will focus on a great way to ensure basic security on a Cisco router: router passwords. Passwords are absolutely the best defense against would-be hackers. Leaving no passwords on a Cisco router can cause major problems. Keep in mind that using passwords is just the first line of defense, and you should have other security features on your network as well.

Cisco has some defense against would-be hackers built into its router Internet-working Operating System (IOS). For example, it is impossible to Telnet into a Cisco router unless an administrator configures the router with a Telnet password or uses the No Login command, which allows users to Telnet into a router with no password. Either way, something has to be configured for Telnet to work. Also, you cannot enter privileged mode (which is the IOS EXEC mode that allows you to view or change the configuration on a router) from Telnet unless an Enable password is set. These are very basic features of Cisco routers and allow only some security.
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Install & Configure Squid Proxy Server on CentOS or Enterprise Linux 5 and Implement ACL

Squid server is a popular open source GPLd proxy and web cache. It has a variety of uses, from speeding up a web server by caching repeated requests, to caching web, name server query , and other network lookups for a group of people sharing network resources. It is primarily designed to run on Linux / Unix-like systems. Squid is a high-performance proxy caching server for Web clients, supporting FTP, gopher, and HTTP data objects. Unlike traditional caching software, Squid handles all requests in a single, non-blocking, I/O-driven process. Squid keeps meta data and especially hot objects cached in RAM, caches DNS lookups, supports non-blocking DNS lookups, and implements negative caching of failed requests. Squid consists of a main server program squid, a Domain Name System lookup program (dnsserver), a program for retrieving FTP data (ftpget), and some management and client tools.
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